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Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Cigarettes

Smokable hemp flower is causing a bit of confusion with lawmakers due to their inability to distinguish legal hemp from marijuana.  All of our products ship with a COA showing that the product is legal so you do not have to be concerned about confused law enforcement carting you off to jail.  If your state is not listed in our list of states that are either banned or pending ban…you’re good to go!

Are hemp cbd cigarettes legal?

UPDATE 10/01/2020 YES IT IS!

According to the SEA 516 bill, the cultivation of hemp, along with production and sale of CBD products is legal (including CBD vapes), it also specified that there will be a criminal penalty for those found “dealing, manufacturing, financing, or possessing smokable hemp”.

Good news came for Indiana folks, however, when a federal judge threw out Indiana’s ban on smokable hemp, calling it unconstitutional to ban one type of hemp, just because they can’t distinguish it from marijuana.



No, smokable hemp is not legal in Louisiana.

As of our last update on 10/01/2020 smokable hemp is still illegal in Louisiana.

Smokable hemp is illegal in the state of Louisiana as of 2018 when they passed a smokable hemp ban.


No, smokable hemp is not legal in North Carolina.

As of our last update on 10/01/2020 smokable hemp is still illegal in North Carolina.

Just a couple of months ago, North Carolina officials agreed to prohibit smokable hemp production and use, as of May 2020.

Other CBD products will remain legal but smokable hemp will be off limits due to identification problems it causes law enforcement.

Yes. As of 10/01/2020 smokable hemp purchased online is legal in the state of Texas.

At this present moment it is allowed to buy hemp online but not in brick and mortar stores.

[UPDATE] —There has been a lot of back-n-forth in Texas resulting in a temporary injunction made by Judge Livingston where hemp flower is legal again until the final trial takes place on February 1st of 2021.

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