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Questions about Hemp Cigarette Brands

Buy Shaboink Hemp Cigarettes online

Buy Shaboink Hemp Cigarettes onlineSHABOINK! Shaboink is a product of a collaboration between Grammy-winning recording artist Post Malone and Sherbinskis a legend in the cannabis industry. 

Sherbinskis hemp cigarettes use genetics from OG cannabis strains to create an excellent tasting hemp cigarette reminiscent of buds without the thc.

Stunna Bubba Kush hemp cbd cigaretteStunna! Birdman's Stunna Bubba Kush combines genetic from cannabis GOAT Bubba Kush for a terpene enhanced hemp cigarette with the flavor of cannabis and convience of a cigarette without the thc or nicotine.

Icon Farms is one of the largest manufacturers of hemp CBD cigarettes with high third party testing, manufacturing and genetic standards.


Icon Farms prides itself on maintaining exceptional industry standards through rigorous safety and quality control protocols. In line with these protocols, Icon Farms created an opportunity to build upon its stringent quality requirements by working with multiple labs, scientists, and industry experts to develop strict hemp testing standards. In addition to present regulations set forth by the federal government, Icon Farms has created an advanced testing protocol for its products, assessing levels of heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, and a number of other quality and safety checkpoints. This non-mandated testing is to ensure that Icon's products meet our implemented standards and exceed industry norms. Through extensive research and development efforts, Icon Farms is consistently progressing efforts towards establishing the highest level of quality and most premium product on the market. Icon's highest priority is delivering the safest possible products to consumers, comprised of the highest quality ingredients and materials and always validated by third-party, compliant laboratories.  "

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Concord Rolls is proud to be the wholesale distributor for some of the world’s best hemp and CBD brands.  We pride ourselves on finding the best selection of highly curated hemp products.


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